Al Jazeera English Getting Complaints From Cut-Off Viewers

Al Jazeera English Receiving 'Thousands' Of Complaints From Viewers

Al Jazeera English has received "thousands" of complaints from viewers over the end of its livestream in the United States, the channel said Wednesday.

The channel stopped broadcasting and streaming online in the U.S. after Al Jazeera America launched on Tuesday. Viewers who visited were also redirected to Al Jazeera America's website.

"We have been receiving thousands of e-mails, Facebook messages and tweets over the past few days about our video content and live stream becoming unavailable," Al Jazeera English wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday. "We appreciate you reaching out to us and we are heartened by your praise for our content."

It reassured people that with the exception of, all AJE links still go to Al Jazeera English.

News of Al Jazeera English ending its livestream in U.S. was a contentious issue within the organization, with host Marwan Bishara alleging that the channel was responding to those who perceive Al Jazeera as anti-American. AJE and AJAM remain two distinct channels, the former focusing on international news for an English-speaking audience and the latter catering to American viewers.

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