Watch Imprisoned Al Jazeera Journalists Shout To Reporters Through Their Cages

The Al Jazeera journalists who have been detained in Egypt since December shouted out at reporters from their cages during trial on Thursday.

During a court recess, Mohamed Fahmy expressed his frustrations with the prosecution and condemned the entire judicial process as "a sham."

"You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty," he shouted. "In this situation, you are guilty the second you are arrested!"

Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed have been held without bail for nearly six months on charges of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and airing false news.

In January, Peter Greste wrote a letter from prison detailing the conditions under which they were held in their jail cells. He wrote that the men spend 24 hours in "mosquito-infested cells" with no beds or medical treatment.

Fahmy's description of their treatment was even worse in court on Thursday, as he shouted that the journalists have been held in "solitary confinement" for months without food or time outdoors.

"We are treated worse than criminals and rapists and killers!" he yelled.


Foreign correspondents present in the courtroom shared other instances of the journalists shouting for their rights: