Fans Say Al Pacino Was Sleeping In Golden Globes Intro And They Loved It

"SAY HELLO TO MY PILLOW FRIEND!" one Twitter user wrote of the "Hunters" star, who was nominated for Best Actor in a Television Drama Series.

It didn’t take Dick Tracy to detect that Al Pacino might have been sleeping when his nominated category came up during Sunday’s Golden Globes.

In total, the acting legend has been nominated for a Golden Globe nearly 20 times — and he’s won four, plus a Cecil B. DeMille Award. So if he had been nodding off, or perhaps peeking down at his phone, can we really blame him?

Fans on Twitter celebrated the acting legend’s nonchalance. Pacino, who earned the nod for his role in the Nazi-chasing show “Hunters,” didn’t end up winning Best Actor in a Television Drama Series — but we hope he had a good nap.

“SAY HELLO TO MY PILLOW FRIEND!!” one wisecracker tweeted.