Al Qaeda To Osama Bin Laden: Fox News 'Lacks Objectivity'

Al Qaeda's Secret Hate For Fox News

Materials taken from Osama bin Laden's compound following his death in May 2011 reveal that Al Qaeda has major issues with Fox News.

Columnist David Ignatius, who had a huge scoop in Friday's Washington Post, reported on his exclusive look at documents taken from bin Laden's compound. The main thrust of Ignatius' piece described that bin Laden was plotting to kill President Barack Obama and Gen. David H. Patraeus.

Ignatius also wrote that the documents revealed information about al Qaeda's media plans surrounding the 10-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Ignatius wrote that al Qaeda's U.S.-born media adviser, Adam Gadahn, detailed where bin Laden should send his anniversary video. "It should be sent for example to ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN and maybe PBS and VOA. As for Fox News let her die in her anger,” he wrote. Gadahn also described the networks as "all on one level — except [Fox News] channel, which falls into the abyss as you know, and lacks objectivity, too."

Information uncovered from bin Laden's compound has provided a great deal of insight into how the al Qaeda leader lived. Earlier this month, a retired Pakistani army officer, who was given access to bin Laden's compound and access to classified transcripts, revealed that the al Qaeda leader lived in a house rife with tension that brewed between his wives. Fellow housemates feared that bin Laden's oldest wife, who was jealous of the favored, youngest wife, was going to betray him.

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