Al Roker Forgot To Turn Off His Mic, Broadcast Himself Going To The Bathroom

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If you're looking for a zany update on Al Roker's ongoing attempt to set a record for the longest weather report, then urine for a treat.

On Wednesday night, more than six hours into the 34-hour attempt, the caffeine-fueled "Today" show host took his first bathroom break, but forgot to turn off his microphone while he did so.

We imagine he had a similar expression to this shortly after realizing his mic was on:

"On my break, I went to heed nature's call, and uh ... we forgot that my mic was on," a slightly embarrassed Roker acknowledged to viewers afterward. "We gave new meaning to the phrase 'live-stream,'" he joked.

Judging by reactions on Twitter, his audience was similarly amused.

The rules of the broadcast grant Roker a 5-minute bathroom break once an hour. He cannot sleep during the 34-hour attempt.

We're rooting for you, Roker.