Al Roker: Kathie Lee Is 'Strong' But 'Distraught' Over Frank Gifford's Death

Roker tells HuffPost Live that Gifford knows "it's God's will."

Five days after the death of football legend Frank Gifford, Al Roker told HuffPost Live that his "Today" colleague Kathie Lee Gifford is "very strong but obviously very distraught" after losing her husband.

"The thing I love about Kathie Lee [is] she jokes around and does all this, but at her core -- and this is what I admire about her -- she is such a woman of faith," Roker said. "And while this is a tragedy for her and her family, I know she knows it's God's will. And while she's sad, I think she rejoices in the time she had with Frank and these two beautiful children they had together."

UPDATE: Gifford responded to Roker's comments on Twitter, writing that she and her family have found "perfect peace."

Watch Al Roker discuss his new book, The Storm Of The Century, and more in his full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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