Al Sharpton: Bill O'Reilly Trying To 'Impugn' Nelson Mandela's Legacy

Al Sharpton responded to Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday night over the Fox News host's criticism of his Nelson Mandela coverage.

Sharpton and O'Reilly got into another dispute — one in a series between the two of late — earlier this week over O'Reilly calling Mandela a "communist." Sharpton played part of the clip on his show, and O'Reilly later accused him of taking his comments out of context.

Sharpton rebuffed O'Reilly on Wednesday and played an extended clip, which showed O'Reilly saying Mandela was a "great man but he was a communist."

"I don't think playing his 'great man' comment changes the context or the fact that on the night of Nelson Mandela's death, Bill O'Reilly called him a communist," Sharpton argued.

The MSNBC host claimed that O'Reilly's remarks were part of a larger "effort to impugn" Mandela's legacy.

"For some on the right, they can't just praise him," Sharpton said. "They have to balance praise with unfair efforts to disparage him."

Watch the full clip above.