Al Sharpton Blasts Governor Scott Walker For 'Bogus Claims' (VIDEO)

Al Sharpton laid into Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin for, according to Sharpton, spewing 'bogus claims' on Fox News' morning show "Fox and Friends."

Wisconsin citizens have been gathering signatures in an effort to unseat the Republican governor. On Tuesday morning, Walker criticized Wisconsin's recall process for reportedly counting the signatures of false names, like Adolph Hitler and Mickey Mouse. Walker called the process whole process "pretty unusual."

According to Sharpton, Walker, who he referred to as "the right's favorite union-bashing governor," went on Fox News to "push" fraudulent claims.

"Let me clear something up, the process isn't unusual Governor," Sharpton said. "You just don't like it." Sharpton said that the signatures on the petition went through a review process and referenced a PolitiFact article that deemed the "counting false signatures" claim as "mostly-false."

"Walker thinks if he talks about fraud, we'll ignore the real story," Sharpton said. "the real story is more than 500,000 people have signed recall petitions. That's 94 percent of the total needed by mid-January. Governor Walker, did you think your bogus claims would make us forget voters want you out of office? Nice try."