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Al Sharpton, Chris Christie Workout Buddies? Reverend Offers To Help Governor Lose Weight (VIDEO)

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What's more unlikely than Al Sharpton and Chris Christie teaming up together? Well the two men, who are usually on separate sides of the political spectrum, may be joining forces--in the gym.

On Tuesday's episode of PoliticsNation, Rev. Sharpton praised Christie for his lighthearted willingness to poke fun at himself and even offered to help the New Jersey governor lose weight.

"Governor, if you're ever serious about dieting, I know a guy you can get some advice from," Sharpton said. "Call me."

Discussion about Christie's weight has resurfaced recently, with the governor speaking candidly about his struggle with weight loss.

"Sometimes I'm successful, and other times I'm not," he said. "And sometimes, periods of great success are followed by periods of great failure."

But despite his size, Sharpton commended Christie for "having fun"--a quality he says more Republicans need as the party struggles to rethink it's message and reach out to untapped voters, including young people and minorities.

Check out Sharpton's advice in the clip above.

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