Al Sharpton Explains Why There's Something 'Basically Racist' About Donald Trump

"If you’re comfortable playing to the racists, you’re a racist," Sharpton said on "Good Morning Britain."

The Rev. Al Sharpton has explained why he no longer hesitates in describing President Donald Trump as a racist.

Sharpton revealed in an interview with “Good Morning Britain” on Wednesday that he’d been giving Trump “the benefit of the doubt” despite years of accusations of racism.

But Sharpton, a civil rights activist and MSNBC host, said he now firmly believes “there’s something basically racist about the president.”

“If you’re comfortable playing to the racists, you’re a racist or you’ll do till the real racist shows up,” Sharpton explained. “I mean, to be comfortable with that it means there’s got to be some racism in you because why would you even want to play to that crowd and be beloved by that crowd.”

Sharpton noted that Trump was “smart enough” to know the dangerous signals he sends to his base with his rhetoric.

“He’s not doing it in the blind,” he said. “I think there is a political calculus to those who play on divisiveness and I think that’s the worst kind of politics.”

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