Al Sharpton Appears To Push Fox News Reporter In Baltimore (UPDATE)


UPDATE (7:31 PM): Vittert told Mediaite that he wasn't sure if Sharpton was the one who pushed him, adding that he believes it could have been the mayor's security. Watch the video and decide for yourself.


Al Sharpton apparently had enough of a Fox News reporter on Wednesday who was hounding Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) to answer his questions.

Reporter Leland Vittert was attempting to ask the mayor about a source who alleged that she ordered police to stand down during the riots on Monday. Sharpton maintained his position in front of her while the mayor kept silent.

"Why can't we ask questions?" Vittert asked repeatedly. "We can't ask questions?"

Sharpton assured him that he would have a chance to ask his questions at an upcoming press conference, but the reporter didn't back down. "Then you'll answer our questions?" he continued, leaning in with his mic towards them.

Sharpton, fed up, then used his arm to push Vittert out of the way.

"Relax, relax," Sharpton said.

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