Al Sharpton Googles Himself Daily


Al Sharpton took readers through his daily media diet in an Atlantic Wire interview released on Wednesday. Sharpton has been in the press lately for advocating on behalf of Occupy Wall Street protesters. He has also been talking up his new MSNBC show "PoliticsNation."

Sharpton said that he starts his day early (5:30 am!) and Googles himself each morning. He also Googles his civil rights group National Action Network. Sharpton said he is active on Facebook and Twitter. Yes, he tweets himself.

When it came to fellow broadcasters he admired, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart topped his list. He said that Maddow and Stewart "make him think" and he gravitates towards thought-provoking shows. Sharpton recently visited Stewart on "The Daily Show," and said he liked that he doesn't have to try to be objective on his new MSNBC show.

Sharpton said he is not a fan of Glenn Beck. "I don't understand why people watch. He just bothers me," Sharpton said. Sharpton further clarified that there are some members of the conservative media that he can tolerate, such as talking "time to time" with Sean Hannity and even going to dinner with Bill O'Reilly twice a year.

Sharpton and O'Reilly's infamous dinner at Harlem's famous restaurant Sylvia's made headlines in 2007. O'Reilly talked about the meal on his radio show and said, "It was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there...and there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.”

Sharpton said that he usually gets home between 10 pm and 11 pm each night (hours after taping his 6 pm MSNBC show "PoliticsNation"), which presumably leaves room for Sharpton's social life. Sharpton recently addressed girlfriend rumors (actress and designer Lisaraye McCoy) when he appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show." He also dished about his weekly hair appointments to maintain his much-talked-about 'do.

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