Heckler Interrupts Al Sharpton's Ferguson Press Conference With Michael Brown's Family

The Rev. Al Sharpton faced down a heckler Tuesday during a press conference with Michael Brown's family in Ferguson, Missouri.

Sharpton used his midday speech to denounce both St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and the media, but not before an unidentified man could accuse Sharpton of unnecessarily involving himself as an "agitator" in the fallout from the case.

Bystanders quickly ushered the man from the church where Sharpton was speaking.

"I have no problem with a guy not wanting to hear what I got to say, but then why would you come to where I'm the one speaking? It just really don't make sense," Sharpton said. "Who did you think was going to speak at my press conference? That's just like all the folks that like me on Facebook just to cuss me out; really don't make a lot of sense."

Watch the heckler's interruption, above, and Sharpton's press conference, below:



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