Alabama 5-Year-Old Surprises Family, Recites 'I Have a Dream' Speech at Dinner

On it's "Meaning of The King Holiday" page, The King Center of Atlanta declares " is the young people of all races and religions who hold the keys to the fulfillment of [Dr. King's] dream."

Nico, 5, who attends pre-school in Birmingham, Alabama, lends credence to that hope.

"Nico completely surprised us when we were eating dinner," said his mother, Polly. "He started reciting the speech. Apparently MLK was the 'star student' this week at school. It was a beautiful moment. I teared up right away."

Polly reached for her phone and asked Nico to repeat his recitation.

"My favorite part is that when we were discussing MLK and what he stood for, the boys were genuinely perplexed by the idea of segregation and racism. I didn't even want to explain it. Our school does an incredible job teaching equality and respect. My heart is full watching them grow in such an incredible environment."