Alabama Candidate Carries A Gun, Says He Will 'Name Names And Take No Prisoners' In Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

Dale Peterson, GOP candidate for Alabama Agricultural Commissioner, knows what a Republican looks like, and he's not scared to show you in his new ad.

"Listen up," Peterson barks, removing his aviator sunglasses and glaring at the camera from under a cowboy hat. He says that the position he's running for is responsible for over $5 billion.

"Bet you didn't know that, you know why?" Peterson asks. "Thugs and criminals...they don't give a rip about Alabama."

Peterson goes on to criticize his opponent for "stealing yard signs in the dark," and "bragging about receiving illegal money on Facebook."

"We're Republicans, we should be better than that," Peterson says, brandishing a rifle. "I'm Dale Peterson, I'll name names and take no prisoners. Give me the Republican nomination for Ag Commish and lets show Alabama we mean business."

Alabama seems to have a penchant for memorable political advertising this election season. Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James released a now-famous TV commercial last month in which he laid out one of his key missions -- giving the Alabama state driver's license exam in English only.

And earlier this month, True Republican PAC attacked another GOP gubernatorial candidate, Bradley Byrne, for believing in evolution.

WATCH the ad: