Alabama Chief Justice Overruled By Busboy

Minutes after Alabama's Chief Supreme Court Justice, Roy Moore, overruled the Supreme Court's decision to allow marriage licenses be issued to same sex couples, he was overruled by Frank Petus, a busboy at Carl's Jr. in neighboring Birmingham.

Speaking from the broom closet next to the men's room, Mr. Petus stated, "I have just as much right to overrule Judge Moore as he does to overrule the Supreme Court."

Mr. Petus handed his official ruling, written on a napkin and witnessed by "Terry the Trucker," to his boss to be fed-ex'd to the State Capitol first thing Monday morning. The effect of Mr. Petus's ruling was not immediately clear.

Judge Moore's explanation that the high courts ruling caused "confusion and uncertainty," amongst probate judges and therefore needed to be amended, caused confusion and uncertainty among smart people.

However, in defense of Judge Moore, since the landmark ruling, there have been numerous unconfirmed reports of judges barricading themselves in their offices, staring out the window and drooling, for weeks at a time, singing On the Good Ship Lollipop and wearing women's underwear. Todays's decision will hopefully clear up their confusion and allow the judges to go on legally discriminating against those different from them. Principles which the south was founded on.

When asked why he thinks Judge Moore decided to overrule the nation's highest court, Mr. Petus replied, "No clue. But in America, there's no shortage of stupid smart people."

Judge Moore then issued another ruling outlawing sunshine.