Alabama Christmas Tickets: Crimson Tide Fan Taking Dad To BCS National Championship (VIDEO)

They say it is better to give than to receive. When your gift elicits a reaction as impressive as this one then it's very hard to argue with that holiday bromide.

While countless fathers around the world dutifully ooh'd and ahh'd as they unwrapped neckties and box sets of History Channel programs on Christmas morning, there may not be many who were as genuinely shocked and exuberant as this guy was when he received an unexpected gift from his son.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user Daniel Buckhannan, a heartwarming holiday moment unfolded as a son surprised his father with a pair of tickets to the BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame. To make clear just how much this family rolls with the Crimson Tide, the lucky dad seemed pretty psyched when he thought he was just receiving a fedora like one that iconic Alabama coach Bear Bryant might have worn on the sidelines in Tuscaloosa.

While the father appeared sincerely enthusiastic about receiving just the hat, his son can be heard imploring him to look inside the fedora to check the size. Upon inspecting the interior of the hat, he comes across the pair of tickets. And then we're all treated to the sort of joyous moment that every gift giver would like every gift to create.

"We going to the game, Pop! We going to the game!"

The description accompany the YouTube video reads "Was blessed to be able to give my dad a ticket to the championship game." The video was uploaded on Dec. 23, 2012.

Not surprisingly, there are no tickets available for the game any longer via Ticketmaster. The cheapest seats available on StubHub on the morning of Dec. 25 were $975 apiece.

Anyone else have a moment to beat this one?

[H/T Throw The Flag, via Deadspin]

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