Neighbors Freaked By Creepy Chucky Doll Discover Real-Life 'Child's Play'

A horror movie character spooked an Alabama neighborhood before being unmasked.

Residents of Pinson, Alabama, did not want to play with a Chucky doll roaming their streets during the day.

Kendra Walden spotted the figure resembling the evil protagonist from the 1980s “Child’s Play” horror movies and posted alarming pictures on Facebook. The diminutive look-alike prowled the neighborhood in overalls and a striped shirt, with long red hair very much like the movie villain.

“I almost had a heart attack,” Walden wrote.

Some Facebook users tagged parents, joking that their children were terrorizing neighbors. Others were spooked.

The doll, however, turned out to be a 5-year-old kid named Jackson who likes to wear old Halloween costumes, WIAT-TV reported.

Jackson’s mom, Britnee Reed, said her son “loves to make people laugh.”

“That’s just kind of how his personality is,” said Reed, whose mother was watching Jackson while she was at work during the Chucky incident.

Predictably, the social media scare went viral, with Reed’s family taking a star turn.

Jackson’s brother said he thought it was “amazing” that his brother’s costume got so much attention.

And Reed said the stunt might make it to the next level.

“We actually got a message from people asking for him to be at their kid’s birthday party,” Reed said.

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