Alabama Horse Race: Big League/Gravis Poll Shows Jones With 48%-44% Lead (December 5, 2017)

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A poll just released by Big League/Gravis shows Doug Jones with a 48%-44% lead over Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama senate election to be held on December 12. The survey included 1,276 “likely” voters and contains a margin of error of 2.7%. A mid-November Gravis Marketing poll of 628 likely voters, conducted less than a week after sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore were published by the Washington Post, gave Doug Jones a 47%-42% lead.

Along with one Fox News poll, the Gravis polls are notable for being the only surveys that give Doug Jones a lead over Roy Moore outside the survey’s margin of error, likely the result of survey methods that rely upon cell phone users, who tend to skew younger and more liberal than landline users.

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