All 23 Victims Of Alabama Tornado Identified

One family lost at least seven people.

An Alabama coroner says all 23 people found dead after a tornado have been identified and their bodies have been released to funeral homes. He said their ages range from 6 to 93, and that one family alone lost seven people.

Lee County Coroner Bill Harris says other coroners and funeral homes from around the state are pitching in to help prepare the victims for funerals.

Sheriff Jay Jones says “a lot of heavy equipment is coming in to pick up big portions of debris” in specific pockets of Beauregard where the search for more victims is now focused.

He says those areas are narrowed down from a broad spectrum to certain areas where there may be people or animals, and that they hope to transition from search-and-rescue to recovery later Tuesday. He said the number of missing people has narrowed from dozens to just “seven or eight.”