Alabama Women Protest Roy Moore By Dressing As Handmaids

“We want a senator not a predator,” read one protest sign.

A group of women dressed in attire from the novel The Handmaid’s Tale showed up at a Roy Moore campaign event on Tuesday night to protest the Alabama Republican Senate candidate.

“We want the world to know that the women are telling the truth,” one of the protesters, Ginger Poynter, told local news outlet News 5 WKRG. She was referring to the multiple women who have accused Moore of groping, harassing and pursuing them decades ago when they were teenagers.

Moore, 70, has denied all of the allegations, calling them “malicious” and “false.” On Monday, President Donald Trump endorsed him in the Dec. 12 special election. 

The red robes and white bonnets worn by the oppressed women in the 1985 Margaret Atwood novel ― now a Hulu TV series ― have become an increasingly common sight this year at various political events as the GOP has rolled back protections on reproductive rights and health care coverage

At the protest outside a Moore rally in Fairhope, Alabama, many of the “handmaids” wore black tape across their mouths with the names of his accusers. Some of the protesters, including those in plain clothes, held signs with slogans such as “We want a senator not a predator” and “Pray to end child molestation.”  

Scroll below for more photos from the demonstration, which attracted about 50 people.