Alain Cassagnol Alleged Nabbed With Frankincense, Myrrh And Pot

As every site in history has already pointed out, this man wasn't too wise, so we think we'll call him the stoner of the magi.

Alain Cassagnol, 19, was pulled over for alleged speeding in South Carolina on Monday, when cops say they found frankincense and myrrh incense spray, as well as 5.4 grams of marijuana, inside his Mercedes-Benz, according to a Myrtle Beach Police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

According to the report, Cassagnol was going 103 mph in a 45 mph zone, and when stopped, he strongly smelled like weed even though he was surrounded by two thirds of the odoriferous gifts of the Biblical wise men. Police say when they asked him if he had drugs, he told them that "the drugs were in his pants by his groin."

The frankincense and myrrh incense spray was a product called "Blunt Block" that purportedly covers up the smell of marijuana, though apparently it wasn't working this time.

A Pinterest page that the Smoking Gun attributes to Cassagnol includes a photo of a "crazy blunt" as well as the phrase "stay high." Cassagnol's Twitter account also includes multiple references to marijuana, including this retweet from "High Ideas.":

Cassagnol was charged with speeding and marijuana possession.

Marijuana blog Toke of the Town noted just how terrible Cassagnol's timing was:

We actually feel somewhat bad for Cassagnol. Not for his dangerous driving at more than twice the speed limit, but for the fact that if this bust had happened in July nobody would have heard about it outside of South Carolina.



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