Alan Alda Discusses Isla Vista Killer: Misogyny A 'Disease That Needs To Be Cured'

Alan Alda: 'If We Could Eradicate Polio, Why Can't We Eradicate Misogyny?'

M*A*S*H actor and veteran movie star Alan Alda stopped by HuffPost Live on Tuesday and shared some strong opinions on Friday's tragic killings in Isla Vista. When asked about his strong feminist history, and specifically mass shooter Elliot Rodger's voiced hatred of women, Alda likened misogyny to a "disease that needs to be cured."

"It may be a function of how we've evolved over millennia that males feel a need to dominate females," he told Ricky Camilleri. "If that's true, then we have a much more serious problem than one that can be solved by slogans alone."

Regardless of whether or not misogyny stems from nature or nurture, Alda thinks it should be addressed in the same way humanity treats "the common cold" and "cancer."

"We don't accept those things," he said, referring to those sicknesses. "Why should we accept this kind of behavior that leads to death and dismemberment, just because it's common all over the world?"

"We could eradicate polio," Alda added. "I don't see why we can't eradicate misogyny."

Watch the rest of Alan Alda's HuffPost Live conversation below:

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