Alan Chambers, Exodus International President: 'The Only Thing I Can Do Is Say I'm Sorry' (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Ex-Gay' Group Leader: 'The Only Thing I Can Do Is Say I'm Sorry'

Exodus International, widely considered one of the world's largest "ex-gay" organizations, announced Wednesday night it plans to shut down. For nearly four decades, the organization claimed to offer a "cure" for homosexuality, but recently its leader, Alan Chambers, has been offering a very different message: an apology.

Following his first 2011 interview with Lisa Ling, Chambers once again reached out to Ling for the opportunity to formally apologize to those hurt by Exodus International. In this video from tonight's "Our America with Lisa Ling -- Special Report: God & Gays," Chambers acknowledges that Exodus has hurt a lot of people with its "reparative therapy" techniques.

"How do you make up for that?" Ling asks Chambers.

"I don't," Chambers responds. "There are things that you can't undo. There are wounds that won't be healed in this life. And that's a hard thing. The only thing I can do is say I'm sorry."

Saying "I'm sorry" is exactly what Chambers plans to do. In Ling's special report, Chambers meets with a group of "reparative therapy" survivors who confront him with stories of their painful experiences in the "ex-gay" movement. Then, Chambers speaks out with his own message.

"Our America with Lisa Ling -- Special Report: God & Gays" airs Thursday, June 20, at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

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