Alan Colmes Praises Sean Hannity, Fox News, Jokes About Wearing Bulletproof Vest To Work (VIDEO)

Fox News contributor and former co-host of "Hannity & Colmes" Alan Colmes joined HuffPost Live Tuesday to discuss his new book, Thank The Liberals.

Colmes joked about wearing a bulletproof vest when he goes to Fox News headquarters, but had nothing but nice things to say about the network and his former co-host Sean Hannity in particular.

"With Sean, what you see is what you get," Colmes said. "He is the real deal. He has the right to be wrong. He believes the things he says. He is not a phony."

Colmes described Hannity as "a good guy...just wrong" and said he is "very grateful" for their 12-year professional relationship, "longer than most people are with their husbands or wives."

Colmes also joked that "a big liberal detector goes off when I walk through the door" at Fox News, and that he's "hidden in a little attic where they can't really find me." But he praised the network (which still syndicates his radio show), saying that since the channel's launch in 1996, no one has tried to silence his liberal views.

"I have a lot of freedom there," he said, explaining why he likes appearing on Fox News. "Why preach to the choir? You reach more independents and even more Democrats on Fox News given their huge audience than you would on other networks. So I'm grateful to have that opportunity to have that platform."

Colmes also predicted that Mitt Romney will lose the presidential election, and speculated on who he thinks will emerge as the GOP frontrunner in 2016:

He also explained the premise of his book: that America is fundamentally a liberal country, a fact that "conservatives don't seem to get."

"We're all liberal," he said. "We live in a liberally free country founded by people who were liberal. They were beyond liberal, they were revolutionaries."