Alan Evans Murder Trial: Mistress Says Husband Was Going To Start A New Life

The mistress of a man accused of killing his wife testified this week that she and the man were planning to start a new life together.

The testimony came during Alan Evans' murder trial in Worcester Crown Court in England. Evans is accused of throwing his wife, Louise, down the stairs after she discovered his affair with Amanda Chadwick in July 2012. He also allegedly tried to make her death look like an accident by putting a jump-rope near her body.

The Express and Star reports that a text message presented in court from Evans to Chadwick said, "I love you baby. No matter how tough this gets for a while, be strong. That life we dream of is all coming together at last."

Chadwick testified that she and Evans talked about having children of their own and running away together, according to the Daily Mail.

Prosecutor Jonas Hankin made his case to the jurors last week.

"He pushed or threw her down the stairs and if she did not die shortly after, then he smothered her," Hankin said, according to the Mirror. "A skipping rope was positioned close to her body to make it seem like she became entangled in it. The defendant says he was asleep when she must have fallen by accident. If she was conscious she must have screamed as she fell, and if she wasn’t there would have been an almighty crash."



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