Alan Grayson Wants 'None Of The Above' On The Presidential Ballot

The Florida Democrat introduced a bill that would force parties to present new nominees if that was the most popular option.

Like many Americans, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) was not happy with the two major parties’ presidential nominees.

But instead of moaning about it or abstaining from the political process, the former supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid is introducing the None of the Above Act. The bill would allow voters to choose “none of the above” on a presidential ballot if they do not like the other choices.

If more voters chose “none of the above” than any of the individual candidates, there would automatically be a do-over in which the parties present new nominees.

“We make them do it over until they get it right and give us candidates who we want to vote for, someone who we feel would actually do a good job in leadership and make the country a better place,” Grayson said in a speech about the bill on the House floor on Wednesday.

Grayson, who is leaving Congress after a failed bid for the Democratic Senate nomination, commissioned a poll days before the Nov. 8 election. It suggested that Sanders would have won by 12 percentage points in a matchup against then-candidate Donald Trump. Grayson highlighted the results of that poll, and other hypothetical match-ups showing a Trump loss, in his Wednesday speech, as a way of demonstrating the Democrats’ failure to nominate the most viable candidate.



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