Alan Grayson Tells Dick Cheney To 'STFU' (VIDEO)

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) put his sharp tongue to use again on Hardball this evening. Chris Matthews asked Grayson about Dick Cheney's penchant for taking swipes at President Obama, specifically his most recent accusation that Obama was giving "aid and comfort to the enemy," which is the constitutional language that defines treason. Grayson replied by telling Cheney, in so many words (or in this case, letters), just what he can do:

Grayson: I don't know. You know, on the Internet there's an acronym that's used to apply to situations like this. It's called "STFU." I don't think I can say that on the air, but I think you know what that means.

Matthews: Well, give me the first part.

Grayson: "Shut."

Matthews: Oh! I got you. Stop talking, in crude language. Well, I don't think you're gonna get him to do that.

They moved on to Cheney's accusation that Obama had shown weakness when he bowed to the Emperor of Japan, and in doing so, opened up the country to more terrorist attacks.

It's just too bad that it's too late to impeach him," Grayson said. "That's all I can say."

WATCH Grayson on Hardball:

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