Accused Killer And Shopaholic Alan Hruby Welcomes Death Penalty

An Oklahoma man accused of shooting his parents and sister for trying to rein in his runaway spending said in a letter to a reporter that he would "100% welcome" the death penalty.

In a handwritten letter to The Oklahoman, Alan Hruby, 20, wrote that killing his family members was "horrible" and "unspeakable," but that he couldn't explain why he shot them inside their Duncan home in October.

“Why? I’m still trying to work it out. Trying to figure all of this out," said his letter. See Hruby's full message here.

Hruby awaits trial on three counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of his father, John; mother, Tinker; and sister, Katherine.

“I 100% welcome the death penelty!" said the one-page letter, which included several misspellings.

Hruby is already behind bars on a three-year sentence for credit card fraud. He'd opened a credit card in his grandmother's name and used it to take a European vacation.

Investigators have said the motive behind the shootings was money, as Hruby's father had cut him off financially after he was caught piling up bills in his grandmother's name.

In the letter, Hruby denied that his spendthrift ways precipitated the shooting, though he acknowledged it was a problem.

“This didn’t happen because of shopping. My shopping wasn’t something I or my parents could not pay. They just thought my spending was out of control, and it was," he wrote.

Last month, prosecutors announced they'd seek the death penalty.

At a preliminary hearing also in June, Hruby wept as a housekeeper described finding the alleged victims in their kitchen.

The housekeeper also testified that Katherine Hruby said she'd overheard her brother tell friends that he planned to kill his family.

Alan Hruby allegedly stole a gun from his father that he used to first shoot his mother, then his sister and finally his dad when he returned home an hour later.

His arraignment has been scheduled for August 20.

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