8-Year-Old 'Minari' Star Alan Kim Sobs In Adorable Speech After Critics Choice Win

"Is this a dream?" Kim blubbered between gulps of air after winning the Best Young Actor award.

Alan Kim, who won a Critics Choice award Sunday night for his performance in “Minari,” might need to be nominated for Cutest Acceptance Speech of All Time after his reaction to the news.

The eight-year-old was awarded the 2021 award for best young actor/actress. As he began thanking Critics Choice voters and listing family, cast and crew members, he broke down in tears, telling viewers, “Oh my goodness, I’m crying.”

“I hope I will be in another movie soon,” he sobbed, adding, “Is this a dream? Hope it’s not a dream.”

Kim starred as David in “Minari,” a movie about a family of Korean American immigrants in rural Arkansas grappling with its pursuit of the American dream. The movie won a Golden Globe for best foreign language film last weekend ― a moment which also sparked a particularly sweet reaction from the young star.

He won a few more hearts on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night, which he attended proudly wearing his latest achievement: his Taekwondo purple belt.

Controversially, and despite telling a distinctly American story, “Minari” was not a contender for best picture at the Globes. Hollywood Foreign Press Association deemed it a foreign language movie because the majority of its dialogue is in Korean.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the majority of the film’s dialogue was in Chinese. It was primarily in Korean.

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