Alan Simpson: There's A Big Difference Between 'Naked' And 'Nekkid'

Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) knows a thing or two about deficit reduction. He also appears to be a keen linguist.

Simpson reeled off a memorable distinction to the Des Moines Register on Monday. Upon picking up the phone for an interview, he told the paper that he was "stark nekkid."

That moment led to a deeper explanation on how "nekkid" is quite different than "naked."

“Do you know the difference between naked and nekkid?” Simpson asked. “If you’re naked, you don’t have any clothes on, but if you’re nekkid you don’t have any clothes on but you’re up to something.”

This isn't the first time the 82-year-old has captured attention with some spontaneity. Back in Dec. 2012, Simpson danced gangnam style to persuade young folks to pay more attention to our fiscal crisis.

Without mentioning "national debt," Simpson encouraged people to use their social media for something better than "instagramming your breakfast and tweeting your first-world problems." Simpson later admitted that he "made a perfect ass" out of himself, and didn't care because it was "glorious."

In case it skipped your memory, watch Simpson's gangnam style performance below:



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