Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard Is A Powerhouse Of Talent And Confidence

It's no surprise that Sports Illustrated included surf industry powerhouse Alana Blanchard in its Top 25 Under 25 list. The list features the country's greatest "athletic performers," which includes everything from pro athletes to sports journalists to Olympians.

At only 23 years old, Blanchard's resume can compete with the best of them. The Kauai-born pro surfer is a successful model, bikini designer and philanthropist, and it doesn't seem like she will be stopping any time soon.

In honor of her success, here are five things we love about the queen of all beach goddesses.

1. She shreds. Hard.

She's won numerous surfing competitions, including a Women's Pipeline Championship title, and currently surfs on the ASP World Tour. Need more proof? Below, three solid minutes of her owning the lineup with power and grace -- a unique benefit among woman surfers.

2. She's adventurous and athletically well-rounded

Not only does she rock it on a surf board, she stand up paddle boards, rides horses, finds her zen by practicing yoga (1:58 in video below) and trains in jiu-jitsu fighting (3:08) to protect herself while she's out traveling the world.

3. She's confident and sexy, and not afraid to show it

There's a lot of talk about over-sexualizing women surfers, but Blanchard embraces her femininity tastefully and it shines through in her modeling. What's more empowering than a confident woman?

4. She turned her beach lifestyle into a career in fashion

Blanchard is an everyday beach girl, but she took that lifestyle to the next level when she unveiled her own bikini collection with Rip Curl.

5. She gives back to her community

The Kauai local helps spread the spirit of aloha by supporting young surfers. She teamed up with best friend and fellow pro, Bethany Hamilton to throw the Keiki Classic surf competition for the kids in her hometown of Hanalei.

Let Alana Blanchard's beachy spirit inspire you on the daily by following her on Twitter and Instagram.



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