Alaric Jackson Gets Myles Garrett's Helmet Stuck In His Facemask

The bizarre sight might be the only time you'll ever see this in the NFL.

Alaric Jackson, an offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams, got Myles Garrett’s helmet stuck in his facemask on Sunday. (Watch the video below.)

The absurd moment prompted laughter from the Cleveland Browns’ defensive end, who watched the referee dislodge the helmet from his opponent.

The two got their headgear tangled as Alaric was blocking Garrett and Alaric unintentionally yanked the helmet off Garrett’s head without his hands. The Los Angeles lineman held up his arms as if to say, “Hey, it wasn’t me.”

The Rams beat the Browns for their third straight victory to remain in playoff contention.

Garrett was involved in a more serious helmet moment a few seasons ago. In 2020 he yanked the helmet off Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and conked him on the head with it. He initially claimed Rudolph called him a racial slur but the NFL found no evidence of that. Garrett was suspended.

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