Alaska Airlines Employee Calls Tomi Lahren 'Tami,' Twitter Loves It

Several Twitter users thought the employee who responded deserved a promotion.

Tomi Lahren got inadvertently shaded by an airline on Twitter, and people were really into it.

The right-wing commentator, who recently got hired as a senior communications adviser at Great America Alliance, apparently had a bad experience on Alaska Airlines and ― as one does ― took to Twitter to tell her tale:

The airline, which responds to most tweets where it’s mentioned, tweeted back to offer their condolences for Lahren’s troubles. However, in their response, they called her “Tami.”

The company later tweeted that “Tami” was a typo, but Twitter erupted in the aftermath regardless.

Lahren has been called by a name other than Tomi before. Earlier this year, Wale put her name in a song and Lahren complained by saying that the rapper should get her “fricken name right next time.” Wale responded by calling her Tammy and people on Twitter went wild.

So, during this iteration of calling Lahren by the wrong name, Twitter users were praising Alaska Airlines employee Ryan, who signed the tweet, as well as the the airline itself:

Nothing like a good typo to get Twitter all worked up. Nicely done, Ryan.

This piece has been updated.

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