Alaska On eBay? Election Numbers Update

Alaska needs an election autopsy STAT. This year's turnout was smaller than the election of 2004 by 6.1%. I would have to smoke more than salmon to believe that Alaska, with Palin on the ballot, decided to sit this one out.
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You don't have to be a coroner to smell a corpse. Alaska needs an election autopsy STAT. The stench persists. When Democracy's infected, there is nothing benign about it. I know Alaska. I know we keep voting for self-professed corrupt bastards. I know it took the FBI to start scrubbing the corruption out of our state legislature. I sat through the trials of men who had sold their votes cheap to big oil. My candidate rarely wins, but I always vote. That said, Alaska's average presidential election voter turnout is 66.7%. With the exception of Bush-Gore and Bush-Kerry we have known who the President Elect was BEFORE OUR POLLS CLOSE. You betcha, and we still vote in healthy numbers.

Nationally, I get it. You have Palin Fatigue Syndrome. You're starting to think, "You know that 49th State? Let's put it on eBay." Wait. Remember the dream of a filibuster proof majority? It's not an Ambien haze; we're three contested seats away! Take a deep breath, hold your nose, and help Alaska, Georgia, and Minnesota find their votes. This is not a tin foil hat activity; just math and uncommon sense. This is not a matter to litigate post mortem; Alaskans have been bitching about election fraud for years and there are law suits to prove it. The Republicans whining about ACORN seemed like Jeffrey Dahmer complaining about a burnt hamburger.

In Alaska, the last two presidential elections were decided by the exact same margin of victory; 61-36. The only difference was the number of votes; more Alaskans voted for George W. Bush-Dick Cheney in 2004 than Sarah Palin-John McCain in 2008. Initially there were only 49,000 votes left to count. Now there are 74,527 outstanding ballots. Curious. Even still -- this year's turnout is still smaller than the election of 2004 by 6.1%. Hhhhhhmmmm. I would have to smoke more than Salmon to believe that Alaska, with Palin on the ballot, decided to sit this one out.

Relevant Facts:

1) The 1,700% increase in the Democratic Caucus

3) The three largest political rallies in Alaska's history were held in September and October.

4) Early voters set an historic record. 25,000 Alaskans showed up to vote early in 2008 vs 11,000 in 2004; an increase of 127%!

5) 12.4% more Alaskans showed up for the August primary as compared to four years ago, before the Palin nomination.

6) The average Presidential Election turnout since we started keeping records is 66.7%. The 2008 Alaska voter turnout (including the uncounted 74,527 ballots) is 60.1%. THE LOWEST GENERAL TURN OUT save Clinton/Dole 96'.

7) The Lower 49 had a record voter turnout this year.

8.) 80% of Alaskans approved of Sarah Palin just two months ago.

9) Anchorage Daily News front page on Election Day: Personnel Board Exonerates Palin She flew home to vote with Alaskans.

10) An unprecedented 16 point come-from-behind lead for Congressman Don Young over challenger Ethan Berkowitz.

11) Ted Stevens 7 felony convictions.

12) Don Young under investigation; spending over $1 million on legal fees this year.

So, with that... sorry, I forgot to give you a clothespin. I have more faith in my friends and neighbors. I know they don't always agree with me, but they do vote. America, before you break up with Alaska, crown us with El Presidente Palin. Let the "Drill, Baby, Drill" chant become our new anthem. Know this: We need you. You need us. Progressive Alaskans are an endangered species, and should be treated as such. I am fighting for what seem to be Alaskan votes; but they are American votes. You need them.

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