'Alaskan Women Looking For Love': TLC Show Seeks Mates... In Miami? (VIDEO)

While dating in any city is no cake walk, Miami singletons actually believe 305-ers need to skedaddle out of town (or the entire state of Florida for that matter) to find suitable mates. Yes, the dating scene is that bad.

Yet TLC has chosen the Magic City as the backdrop for their latest reality show, "Alaskan Women Looking For Love."

Premiering Sunday, October 6, the show follows six Alaskan women as they voyage down to the lower 48 in search of relationships.

And according to the sneak peek released by TLC, the Alaskans face all the Miami dating road bumps one would expect in this flashy town.

"How can a real girl compete with the skinny, tanned, surgery-enhanced women of Miami?," says Heather, a 29-year-old single mom.

Oh, Heather. We Miamians are wondering the same darn thing.

Check out the video below for a first look at "Alaskan Women Looking For Love."