Kindhearted Kids Celebrate Birthdays By Making 900 Sandwiches For Homeless People

A recipe for kindness.

Two siblings are passing on presents to share their birthday wishes with families in need. 

Nate and Quinn Mitchell decided to forgo birthday gifts this year and instead rallied their friends to help make nearly 900 sandwiches for a homeless shelter near their home in Menands, New York, News 10 reported. 

“I just thought it was the right thing to do, and we have so much and [homeless people] have so little, I thought we should give back,” Nate told the news outlet.

Quinn, who celebrated her 10th birthday in early October, and Nathan, who will turn 13 in December, were inspired by a volunteer organization called Pay It Forward... Together that helps children and families in need, and was founded by the siblings' neighbor Carol Darmetko. The brother and sister wanted to do something kind, so they had a joint party for over 100 friends to come play games, participate in contests and make bologna sandwiches for Capital City Rescue Mission in Albany, News 10 reported.

Pay It Forward... Together hosts charitable events and festivals, like a back to school clothing and school supplies drive, as well as assistance programs at nearby schools and actions like providing holiday gifts for families in crisis last December, the Times Union reported.

"It's just kind people doing nice things," Lori Kaplan, Watervliet Schools Superintendent, told the news outlet in 2014. "I don't believe there is a community that couldn't use a group like this."

The siblings' sandwiches were a hit at the shelter, and the family hopes they can inspire others to pay it forward with similar acts of kindness. 

"I saw that I had a lot of stuff at home, and I have a good family," Quinn told News 10. "So I decided I wanted to make sandwiches and give them to the homeless shelter."


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