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Write Like A Genius With Albert Einstein's Handwriting Font

Albert Einstein -- who once lamented that our technology has exceeded our humanity -- will soon have a font dedicated to his playful scrawl. He may not be rolling in his grave, though. The makers of Albert Einstein Font, Harald Geisler and Elizabeth Waterhouse, have gone to painstaking lengths to ensure that it resembles his "rigorous" approach to putting words on paper.

According to the duo's Kickstarter campaign, Geisler, a designer who's produced handwriting fonts based on his own letters as well as Sigmund Freud's, spent six months studying the theoretical physicist's letters at the Einstein Archives before setting to work on a prototype. He used a digital pen to trace the flow of the writing, and has since been granted approval to produce the font from the Einstein Estate.

albert einstein font

To ensure that his handwriting fonts look natural, Geisler has a few design hacks. Rather than only having one option for how commonly combined letters (such as "th" and "re") can look, he creates many variations that rotate as you type. The effect is a type-written letter that looks natural and offhand. In short, your writing will look imaginative -- which is exactly what Einstein would've wanted.

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