Naked Man Allegedly Tries To Carjack A FedEx Truck, But That's Not The Funny Part

It was not a clothes call

If you're going to carjack a FedEx truck, it's important to remember two things: Make sure you can actually drive the vehicle and, for goodness sake, put on some clothes.

Authorities in Riverside County, California, said Albert Luna overlooked those details during in what they describe as a carjacking Saturday evening in Coachella.

Police said a FedEx driver was getting a package out of the truck when Luna  demanded the keys, according to

The driver handed over the keys and ran to a nearby home to report the incident. He was not injured, according to the Desert Sun.

Police said Luna put the keys into the truck so he could drive away, but he was unable to drive it so he ran away from the scene, still naked, according to Palm Desert Patch.

Investigators tracked down Luna at his home the next day, based on the driver's description, according to The Smoking Gun.

Luna was charged with one felony count of carjacking. The website did not mention whether Luna was dressed at the time of the arrest.

Luna is currently in the Riverside County Jail on $60,000 bond.

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