Antiques Roadshow's 'Youngest Collector' Proves Art Admiration Comes At Any Age

Antiques Roadshow's 'Youngest Collector' Is The Most Adorable Art Advocate Ever

It's official. This young man is our favorite Antiques Roadshow guest. Ever.

The lucky little preteen apparently has a knack for art and antique collecting, a skill he proved during a Richmond, Virginia appraisal this week. The tiny auction frequenter brought in a painting he bought for $2 and learned the unassuming watercolor was worth a bit more than he thought.

That's because the piece is actually an Albert Neuhuys original. Created by the Dutch painter in the 19th century, it has an estimated value of up to $1,500. Yes, that "my mind is blown" gesture, that the boy hilariously feigns in the video above, is justified.

Here's a taste of the adorable exchange between the unnamed guest and appraiser David Weiss:

APPRAISER: Not bad for two bucks. So I think you've got a great career going as an art dealer.

GUEST: I know.

APPRAISER: You should keep at it.

GUEST: Yeah. I think I'm going to be rich.

Weiss guesses the wunderkind is Antiques Roadshow's youngest guest. Not bad for a kid (who happens to keep himself abreast of the silver market), right?

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