'Albert Nobbs' Trailer: Glenn Close In Manly Disguise (VIDEO)

A role Glenn Close first took on in 1982, Albert Nobbs, a 19th century Irish waiter is finally making his (or her!) way to the big screen.

A passion project for Close, "Nobbs" is the story of a woman that subjugates her identity and very gender to better survive in sexist times and build the capital to open a shop of her own. A chance meeting with another woman-acting-as-man and a growing friendship with a young co-worker begin to nudge her towards a more open life, leading to complications and drama she may not be prepared to handle.

Close first played the role on the stage in the early 80s, and was so enamored with it, she worked for nearly two decades to turn it into a movie. The love arc, which involves co-star Mia Wasikowska, provides one of the most interesting points, and as Close told the Daily Beast in September, one of the most confusing.

"I don't think she knows [if she's gay]," she said. "She has no knowledge of sexuality. She disappears for her own protection but she happens to disappear into a job where you're expected to be invisible, so she's an invisible person in an invisible job, and that makes her lose sight of herself."

Check out the first trailer, above, and tell us if you think it validates all the Best Actress buzz for the five-time nominee. Remember, she's likely be taking on Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher and Viola Davis as catalyst in "The Help," amongst other talented actresses.