Alberto Luis Alvarez, Man Arrested 99 Times, Sentenced After Using 3-Year-Old Child In Ruse For Cash

A Chicago man who has been arrested 99 times was sentenced to 18 months in prison Monday after allegedly going door-to-door with his 3-year-old daughter in suburban Riverside "looking for new victims to con."

Albert Luis Alvarez, 37, was arrested on August 10 after Riverside residents called police about a "suspicious" man asking for money while pushing a stroller, the Chicago Tribune reports. When police found Alvarez, he allegedly threw several bags of drugs on the ground before police found more heroin in his pockets. He was allegedly telling residents that he was injured and needed money for his young daughter, who was ultimately turned over to a family member, Fox Chicago reports.

When police took him to the station, they realized he had 98 prior arrests and 23 convictions, CBS Chicago reports. He has been convicted of burglary, robbery, larceny, assault, drugs and smuggling. He also gave various police departments 10 dates of birth, nine names and five Social Security numbers used as aliases.

Alvarez pleaded guilty Monday to obstruction of justice for destroying drugs while police tried questioning him. He also faced possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and child endangerment charges, according to Fox Chicago.

“Alvarez has consistently and repeatedly disobeyed orders of the court and blatantly disregarded the law by intentionally engaging in criminal behavior,” Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel told reporters after Alvarez's arrest. “His involvement in the Riverside case ... is of great concern ... due to the fact he’s proven to be prone to violence and will stop at almost nothing to evade police.”

He allegedly told officers he planned on using the money from Riverside residents to buy more heroin, the Riverside-Brookfield Landmark reports.

Weitzel told the Tribune Monday that the guilty plea "underscores the need for continued vigilance" against repeat offenders who seem "to laugh at the court system."