Here Are Some Liquid Ink Nudes For Your Viewing Pleasure (NSFW)

Here at the Huffington Post Arts&Culture, there are two categories of images that our audience seems to find particularly hard to resist. The first is a particular brand of underwater ink photography that possesses the uncanny ability to stop time with the click of a camera. The second, you guessed it, are nudes.

Well, dear readers, consider today your lucky day, because we're bringing you the unprecedented melding of these two artistic genres. Digital artist Alberto Seveso has created a hypnotic series of painterly nudes, combining the sensuous curves of the human form with the enchanting visual effects of pure pigment in motion.


In an email to the Huffington Post Seveso described himself as the "King of Photoshop when it comes to fluid paint swirl and sperm-shape layered portraits." We can't really argue with that. Seveso explained his passion for graphic design stems back to childhood, when he was captivated by skate deck graphics and the album art adorning 90s metal band CDs. Over time, this interest in psychedelic imagery translated to experimenting with digital imagery like few other had done before.

The series below, titled "Trivial Expose," is, as far as we're concerned, the ultimate visual guilty pleasure. Scroll down and enjoy the sacred internet space where nude bodies meet dreamlike ribbons of color and smoke. And, be warned, although generally abstract, the images still get a bit NSFW.