Albrecht Durer Engraving: 'Pawn Stars' Big Score (VIDEO)

'Pawn Stars' Score With Durer Engraving

Not every item Rick Harrison buys on "Pawn Stars" (Mondays, 10PM EST on HIST) can be classified as a major score, but Harrison hit the jackpot when he paid $5,500 for an engraving by German Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer entitled "The Knight, Death, and The Devil." Although Harrison initially worried that purchasing the work was a gamble, his decision ended up paying off in spades.

After acquiring the engraving, Harrison took it to an appraiser, who gave him some background on the work, along with some very good news. The expert told Rick and Codey that "The Knight" is considered by historians to be one of Durer's signature works, a visual representation of Psalm 23 that is dated to approximately 1513. Then he told the Harrisons how much it was worth at auction: anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. When they got the good news, all Rick could do was laugh, while Codey put his arm around his dad and let out a triumphant "Yeah!" in celebration. It's not every day that a 16th century work of art from the ends up in Las Vegas, but the Harrisons are certainly glad this one did.

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