Alby Tebbutt Vows To Kill All Squirrels After House Fire Interrupts Funeral Procession

Man Vows To Kill All Squirrels After House Fire Interrupts Funeral

A squirrel has been blamed for the house fire that forced Alby Tebbutt to abandon a funeral procession, and the 73-year-old is now proclaiming he will "shoot them all."

The Romford, England resident was riding in the final car of a March 8 funeral procession when he received a phone call telling him his house was on fire, the Romford Recorder reported. Tebbutt, who was a friend of the deceased, demanded the driver leave the procession and head toward his home, where he found three fire crews attempting to control the flames.

Though he was surely none too pleased to find the fire destroyed half his garage, he didn't really start burning with rage until he learned what caused the blaze: a squirrel had chewed through an electrical wire in the garage, according to the London Evening Standard.

Tebbutt now says he's had it with the bushy-tailed troublemakers. “Everyone says I’m an animal lover, but enough is enough," he told the Standard.

He complained that when he puts out nuts to feed birds, neighborhood squirrels eat all the food he provides. "It's a battle between me and the squirrels," he told the Recorder.

"I put up with that, but now [that] they’ve set my house on fire I’ve decided I’m going to shoot them all."

Alby Tebbutt has made headlines before. During the 24 years he spent as Tory Councillor, he was suspended for swearing and insulting the wife of a fellow Tory, then suspended in 2007 for telling a rival candidate "I'll bury you," according to the Guardian.

In 2010, he was convicted of assault after allegedly spitting in someone's face during an argument about a parking space. However, that conviction was later overturned.

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