'Alcatraz': Child Killer Finds Out The Boy He's Abducted Is More Resourceful Than He Thought (VIDEO)

The latest returnee from The Rock proved to be the worst kind of criminal on "Alcatraz" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on Fox). Kit Nelson had a pattern of abducting 11-year old boys on Fridays and then returning them home dead on Sunday nights. When Doc Soto heard over the police scanner that an 11-year old boy had been abducted now, he knew instinctively that they were dealing with another Alcatraz returnee.

He corralled Madsen and Hauser, still at the hospital looking over Banerjee, to take on the case. Through flashbacks to 1960s Alcatraz, it was shown that Nelson wasn't well treated by the other inmates -- child killers are considered the worst offenders even by other criminals -- or the warden. Ultimately, he put Nelson in pitch black solitary confinement and forced a confession that he'd killed his own brother.

The story Nelson kept holding to for his father was the one his mother had told; that his brother had died of scarlet fever, but the father knew that wasn't the full story. Nelson finally revealed that he'd killed his brother, and the sensation had made him realize he needed to do it again.

With Dylan as his latest victim, Nelson found a boy more resourceful than he'd anticipated, and with a great arm. While Nelson was distracted in his bomb shelter hideout, Dylan slipped off his shoe, threw it and shattered the light. The distraction allowed him to slip out and run away. Nelson caught up to him, but not before he found himself staring down Madsen's gun.

It was Hauser who took him down, the first Alcatraz inmate so far he's killed outright rather than capture and take to his new Alcatraz. Nevertheless, he returned with the body to his white version of The Rock and presented him to the staff doctor, who just happened to be one of the returnees as well -- the same doctor seen in flashbacks to 1960s Alcatraz.

Watch the mysteries unfold on "Alcatraz" every Monday at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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