'Alcatraz': Detective Madsen Must Help Returnee Bank Robber Cal Sweeney Escape (VIDEO)

The villain on Monday night's "Alcatraz" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on Fox) was of the bank-robbing variety. He seemed completely competent and confident in how to successfully rob a modern-day bank, though his exit strategy and ability to go off-script proved lacking by the close of the hour.

The real meat of the story took place back on The Rock in 1960. There, Dr. Lucy was explaining how she wanted to use an experimental procedure to erase traumatic memories from inmates' minds and maybe replace them with different ones.

Could that be the compulsion that had these inmates deviating from their patterns of violence ever so slowly, gathering keys and doing who knows what else?

Back in 2012, Madsen actually had to enter the bank covertly to help smuggle bank robber Cal Sweeney out. He then took her hostage, but she used the power of the seat belt to take him out. Whatever was helping these inmates get by in the present didn't fill them in on the importance of seat belts, clearly.

And she found out about the key, which gave her and Dr. Soto another nugget of information Hauser would have probably preferred they didn't have.

What Hauser didn't know, though, was that those keys were used back in the 1960s by the warden to open up a mysterious room beneath Alcatraz that he shoved problematic inmates into. What was in there, and what happened to the inmates that went in there wasn't revealed, but it's likely the warden was being sarcastic by saying it made anybody's day a "lucky day."

Find out what new secrets lurk in "Alcatraz," Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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