'Alcatraz' Season Finale: A Family Reunion Leads To An Unexpected Death (VIDEO)

There were plenty of tantalizing answers left when "Alcatraz" (Mon., 8 p.m. ET on Fox) wrapped its first season on Monday night, but the biggest question for fans of the show is if there will even be a second season. "Alcatraz" kicked off with more than 10 million viewers, but has lost nearly half of them over its first eleven episodes.

Nevertheless, the show pulled out all the stops in these final two installments, returning Lucy to the team and reuniting Rebecca with her grandfather and '63 returnee Tommy Madsen. Lucy's return really solidified the team dynamic, making it even more glaring how cold things have been with her in that coma for so long. She was the heart that Hauser seems to have lost all those years ago.

As for Hauser, in his attempts to keep Lucy safe, he reluctantly brought Rebecca and Doc into the inner sanctum, thus putting everyone on the same page for the first time. Also revealed was what was behind the warden's door that took three keys to get into. When it was opened, there was a moment when it seemed Henry Ian Cusick would come rushing out talking about numbers, but it was more of a command center for whatever the '63 project is.

What they found was a map with lights indicating the inmate numbers scattered across the nation. Most of them are in San Francisco, but they're also across the nation. But what about the guards, and other personnel who've also returned? And the big question is still out there. What was the warden's endgame and did he come back as well?

As for Rebecca, she managed to track down Tommy Madsen, who was revealed as the handler for many of the previously seen convicts. She had him ready to go, but he managed to distract her by teasing that there may be more to the story of what happened to her parents than she knows. Are they dead?

It's an ironic question now, as in her moment of distraction, Tommy stabbed her in the gut. Doc arrived almost instantaneously, but there was nothing to be done. Rebecca died on the operating table. Of course, Lucy died once already, so it seems likely Rebecca will get an injection of that silver-bonded Alcatraz blood as well. They'll be silver-blood sisters!

That is, if "Alcatraz" comes back for more. Otherwise, the series is going to end on one heck of a downer.

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