Alchemical Sustainability: The Potential of Lucid Dreams

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Over the years I have learned that tuning in to the present is an important step in negotiating and crafting the intersubjective fields of my dream state and awake state.

Scientific studies and research have already demonstrated that dreams are invaluable tools for instilling creativity, self awareness, personal development and problem solving.

Cultivating present moment awareness is a healthy exercise that offers unique benefits and insights. An avid dreamer, Carlos Castaneda once said, "If you enter a state of non-ordinary reality, it is only to draw from it what you need in order to see the miraculous character of ordinary reality. For me the way to live -- the path with heart -- is presence in the world."

Living in the present moment with heart is the mantra of the Heart Math Institute. They are a team of scientists and doctors who through their Global Coherence Initiative ("GCI") are spearheading an international effort to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness.

Since 1991 GCI has conducted groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth's magnetic fields and energetic systems. They are also conducting fascinating research on collective human consciousness and how it affects us on a global level. They are accomplishing these studies by mining data from strategically placed monitoring systems and sensor maps that are located across the globe and then analyzing the results of large numbers of people creating heart centered states of care, love and compassion.

One particular GCI initiative that caught my attention is their Global Care Room, where lucid dreamers from all over the world login to meditate and radiate love, care and compassion for everyone.

The potential for creating a more coherent world through lucid dreaming has never been more tangible. Today we possess the tools, props, technology and even virtual meditation rooms like GCI's Global Care Room.

In order to help offset our current planet's discord and incoherence, like Vice President Biden recently said at the Global Citizen's event:

"It is within our reach.
We can change the world.
We really can.
You can."

Indeed it starts with us. Today's Global Citizens and dreamers for global good are co-creating a coherent world for all.

Dream it. Journal it. Do it!