3 key ingredients to do Alchemy from the Heart

Alchemy from the Heart
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You can learn how to be an Alchemist and turn your circumstances into personal growth GOLD.
You can learn how to be an Alchemist and turn your circumstances into personal growth GOLD.
Sandy Mora

Resilience is the capacity, we can all learn, to get the best out of crisis and grow in the midst of the adversities that occur in our lives. Whoever puts it into practice, becomes an alchemist who discovers how to turn problems into opportunities and pain into growth. Pure GOLD out of simple and very raw materials. One simply needs to meet 2 requirements:

a) DECISION: wanting to do it, and

b) LOVE: the opposite of fear. Fear is a natural response and serves to keep us alert, but when we allow it to grow disproportionately, it paralyzes and damages us. Therefore, it is vital to release the fear and seek to fill ourselves with love, brave vulnerability AND love.

If you decide to take the challenge ahead of you in the most loving way possible, then you are able to transcend it for your greater good. Only from love can you follow the 3 steps in the recipe of emotional alchemy:

1) ACCEPTANCE - Accept what is. It Does not mean necessarily to throw the towel and give up, but you cannot deny that whatever is going on, is happening to you and it is what it is. It hurts, no doubt! but closing your eyes will not make it go away. Accept the fact and the pain it is causing. Cry what you have to cry, mourn and then make room for what follows. I know, it is easier said than done, but it can be done, believe me, I’ve been there several times and, for your sake, you must do it. You have to feel it to heal it!

2) GRATITUDE - Thank the learning that this situation brings from the bottom of your heart, even if at this moment you still don´t understand what the learning is. Deeply appreciate all you do have in this moment, and appreciate the opportunity of being alive, learning and growing and becoming wiser. Thank your free will, and welcome the opportunity to experience the full range of emotions that we are capable of experiencing, and use the ability you (and everyone) innately have to find those emotions that resonate most with your soul. Grace comes to us in the most unexpected ways. Give thanks for what was, what it is and what will be...

3) FAITH – Be fully confident that you will come to a better place than the one you are at right now. Trust the process and that this bitter taste will pass. Even if at this time you do not have a clear picture of how, rest assured that, at the end of all this, you will have become a better and wiser person. Do not cling to a concrete expectation! Be flexible! Act with your heart and let go of the result. Be open to what the universe will send you. Only God knows his mywww.sandy-mora.comsterious ways. This too shall pass, and later on you will somehow start connecting the dots of your beautiful work of art, your life!

Remember: Where there is fear there cannot be acceptance, as there is resistance and despair. Where there is fear there can be no gratitude, because there is resentment, anger and hatred. Where there is fear there can be no faith, because there is doubt, anguish and disbelief. When there is a disproportionate amount of fear, we have no space to fill us with the necessary amount of love and then the alchemy cannot happen. We will be stuck or let down and drown in our own downward spiral.

Work on releasing the fear, and reducing it to a healthy proportion. Then fill yourself with lovingly acceptance, gratitude and faith. I call this process: ALCHEMY FROM THE HEART ... or what is the same: What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger, IF you face it with love.

Love for yourself and love for life. We are all in a constant process of learning and growth, we are never a finished product and so, imperfect, we have the ability to be alchemists and accomplish miracles with our lives. Do not doubt it! Emotional alchemy is an art we all can master.

About the author:

Sandy Mora is a Mexican Master in Human Potential Development

She works with individuals and groups to grow their skills for Emotional Alchemy (resilience) and learning to re-connect and listen to their hearts. She is an official “The Desire Map” facilitator and a cancer survivor who has learned Alchemy by direct experience and is eager to help others.


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